The Fenestration Oracle Introduction

Now there's a fast, efficient and cost effective way to assist in complying with the Part L changes due to be implemented in October.

Whether you are a Fabricator, Installer or Sealed Unit Manufacturer, subscribe to The Oracle from Build Check Publications. It's simple, easy to use and on-line. Calculate U-Values for windows and doors. Download FPC guidance templates and obtain independent industry updates, news and views.

U-Value Calculation Tool - the Online Tool

The results of the U-value calculation tool are recognised by FENSA for their competent person scheme. Building control may accept the results as well. The calculator will allow the user to assess the performance of their products, whether metal-clad hardwood/softwood, PVCu, hardwood, softwood, metallic frames thermally or non-thermally broken and for various configurations of doors and windows.

Additionally, if the subscribers wish they can have the result independently verified by Build Check Ltd, a Notified Body, which can be issued as a full report acceptable as initial type testing for CE Marking.

You can view a limited demonstration of the U-value Calculator here.


The U-value Calculation tool allows you to check your current product offering or to change the design/specification of your products to ensure compliance with the new regulations. A library of results and reports can be stored online for the client.

Factory Production Control (FPC)
Guidance Templates for the Fenestration Industry

Also as part of the Oracle you can download FPC Guidance Templates. These include BFRC, BS EN 14351, BS EN 1279 and BS EN 12150. These will enable you to set up your own FPC systems which are required by many Product Certification Schemes.

FPC Benefits

This will enable the subscriber to create their own FPC documents without the need for expensive consultants input. No-one knows your business like you! Many consultants start with a template and then ask you how your business works!

Independent Industry Update

Regular updates and additions to the calculation tool and FPCs. In addition you will be updated with impartial views of the industry regulations/requirements and how to achieve them. Also, important news within the industry and the implications for the fenestration industry.

You need to have Javascript enabled in your browser in order to use the calculation tool.

For just £199 + VAT you will receive 12 months unlimited access to The Oracle: its doors and windows Calculator Tool; regular updates; advice and hints and tips on how to stay ahead of the game. Click here to subscribe.

The U-value calculator has been based on recognised standards. However due to the scope of the standards used and their limitations, not all types of materials and designs of doors and windows can have a U-value calculation undertaken.